Harpe & Voix - Katia van Loo

Katia van Loo - Compositor

The Harp, God's instrument.

Katia play harp as solist for concerts, beddings, bird days, exhibitions, bussiness meetings, middle age bankets ...

culture centers and associations
hospitals and senior houses
churchs, castels and manors
restaurants, theaters, concert rooms, receptions, ...

She organise workshops « discovering the Harp » in schools
She play harp with recitants
She compose for audio-visuals montages
She teaches classical and Celtic harp and singing.

Katia give also releasing and musicotherapy sessions e.g. to patients having parkinson fibromyalgy stress She has founded the harp animation in hospitals since 2001. She play in oncology for children.

From his repertory she propose Middel-Age, classical, Irisch, Bretain, South-american and Bulgares pieces ........ as long with her compositions.

With her compositions, Katia let us discover a new intimist language of the harp. each of her compositions conceals a poetic painting, a special moment in a crystal-clear droplet. Her charming, impressionistic pieces transport us to very different moods and surroundings - from autumnal reverie to the classical ballad, from the dance of water to the oriental nostalgia.
We rediscover oriental harmonies in the harp and voice duets witch reveals her Russian roots.

"Pluie de Perles" is the title of her first CD launched in May 2004.

"Au coeur de la Lettre, le chant de la harpe" is the title of her second twin CD launched in September 2008.

Katia van Loo, HarpeVoce, Champaubier - l'Etang, 24700 Saint Martial d'Artenset, France. Tél. +33 (0)6 42 39 02 83